Behaviour Management

At The Dales School we strongly believe that children who feel secure, valued and for whom we care will have greater opportunity to work to their full potential. We value all children as individuals and aim to help them grow in confidence and independence, developing respect, understanding and a caring attitude towards themselves and other people. We provide a system that is clearly understood and valued by pupils and consistently applied by all school staff.


  • Verbal praise and recognition in the classroom.
  • Stickers.
  • Choice of practical activity when work is completed.
  • Stamp or Smiley Face on reward chart following each lesson for appropriate behaviour, effort and achievement.
  • Extra stamps can be given for any positive behaviour.
  • Small reward from the Friday box or each day  for the younger children.
  • Good work placed in the box in the Head Teachers office for use in celebration assembly on Friday each week.
  • End of week celebration assembly for public recognition.
  • Extra responsibilities  in school  and  in the classroom.
  • Contact home by letter, postcard or telephone call.
  • Out of school activities.
  • End of term visits.
  • End of year Prize giving.
  • Attention not detention.


Abusive swearing will not be tolerated. A warning will be given and then 1 minute will be lost from playtime.
Inappropriate behaviour - 3 warnings, no change; will result in 1 minute off playtime. Time is lost progressively with a record kept in the class book. If time is lost frequently then other strategies may be put in place. As follows:-

  • No stamps and discuss appropriate behaviour in lessons.
  • Younger children may get a sad face on their chart for inappropriate behaviour.
  • 5 minutes for leaving class without permission or  throwing equipment in the classroom.
  • 15 minutes off playtime for  physical aggression toward others.
  • Pupils may work or have discussions with  other staff.
  • Pupils may be removed from activities.
  • Contact home by letter, postcard or telephone call.
  • Pupils may stay behind after school.

Rewards and sanctions will be progressive and reflect the behaviour.