Coronavirus Update 19/03/20

19th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Corona Virus Update 19/3/20

Due to being unable to reopen and operate without putting pupils and staff at further risk, we are highly likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future. We have made this difficult decision following further advice from the Department of Education specifically aimed at special schools:

“Special schools and APs are advised to make assessment on a case by case basis of the health and safeguarding considerations of pupils on an EHCP. For some, they will be safer in an education provision. For others, they will be safer at home. The Secretary of State trusts leaders to make these decisions.”

We anticipate that our staffing levels will continue to decline next week as school staff will now also need to look after their own children and some continue to self-isolate due to contact with pupils who exhibited symptoms of Coronavirus.  We realise that this is a very challenging time for everyone, however, ensuring that pupils (and staff) are as safe as possible is always our first priority. 

School closure will be confirmed tomorrow, 20.3.20, and we will keep you all updated via our website and new Facebook pages. We will endeavour to open as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. We are also in the process of creating plans about how to help and support families and we will be in touch again very soon.

On behalf of all the staff of The Dales School, we wish you all the best of health through this extremely uncertain time and look forward to welcoming your children back to school in the future.

Very best wishes,