Message from the Head Teacher

18th December 2015

So, Christmas is here again. I know it happens every year but the gap between them seems to get shorter. This will be our 6th Christmas at The Dales!!

We have had all of our planned Christmas events and even Santa may come to call!!

The New Year will be with us soon and, unless next year is different from the last 6, life at The Dales will bring it’s own changes and challenges.  We have staff taking time out to have babies, over the next term, and one key person leaving.

Mrs Brown is moving to another school to find different challenges. We wish her well and thank her for all the hard work she has done and the difference she has made for our children. It was Vikki who planned and managed the development of our wonderful Soft Play Room. Thank you and Good luck!!

During the last term we have continued to develop the fabric of the building with the Soft Play Room; new hot water systems throughout school; an improved sound and screen system in the hall; painting the corridors and renovating the floors, and; we are in the process of improving the gym and outside sports areas.

The children have enjoyed their usual range of curriculum led activities this term including: Visits; Beadnell residential trips, and; working in the school garden and grounds.

This coming year will see an increased emphasis on the Arts (Music, drama, art etc) and more opportunity for staff to be ‘creative’ with the type of learning opportunity we offer our children. This is all in an effort to encourage children to engage even more than they do at present….even though OfSTED say what we are doing now is outstanding.

As we head into our Christmas break, I would like to wish you all the blessings of Christmas and pray that you stay safe and return your children to us in the New Year.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff and Governors of The Dales for their dedication and hard work and wish then a peaceful and relaxing holiday…………………’ll need it!!!


Best wishes