Induction Team

Induction Procedures for New Pupils starting the Dales

Although the beginning of September is the time when most children start their new school, at The Dales we can receive a referral for a child at any time during the academic year.  Following this referral and an agreement that the child should join The Dales School, the induction procedure for both the child and their family will begin.

This procedure will involve :

  • The pupil being supported during their first week and shown around school as many times as is necessary. This is to enable them to become familiar with the building, the staff and school routines. Home contact will be made via phone by the class team.
  • The parents / carers being invited into school to meet staff and be shown around by their child. This encourages the child’s independence.
  • A home visit will take place and this will be carried out by two members of the induction team.
  • During the first half term, parents/carers will be invited into school to take part in a ‘Family Learning Event’. This will be with other parents/carers and pupils.
  • The induction team will hold a planned clinic around the child, with the whole school staff.  This will involve a discussion on how the child / family have settled and any induction documents / necessary referrals will be completed.

The above is a general summary of how the induction process takes place, and these events will happen at planned times during the first half term. 

The support is, however, ongoing for the full family and will remain in place throughout the child’s time at The Dales.


New Term Induction Procedures for Existing Pupils

At The Dales, we are fully aware that returning to school after the Summer Break can be a very anxious time for pupils. The following procedures have been put into place to help this process run smoothly.

  • First day of term, the class team or induction team will ring the family to see how the School Holidays have been.
  • During the first week, the Induction Team will invite parent/carers into school for a ‘New Term Parent Interview.  This will be by appointment, and the parents will have the opportunity to talk to anyone in the induction team, the class teacher, and other professionals eg: School Nurse, Speech and Language Therapist etc.


 Meet the Induction Team

Glynis Burn - Family Support Coordinator 

Tracy Henderson - Family Support Coordinator

Jill McCartney - Family Learning Coordinator

Janet Simpson - Behaviour, Intervention, Outreach and Assessment Manager

Ashley Brodie - Speech and Language Therapy Assistant




Please click below to see an induction leaflet for parents with new pupils at the school.