Parents/Carers - Admin Procedures

15th March 2016


Administration Procedures

Blue envelopes are available from the office which must be used when sending money into school.  Could you please ensure that they are clearly marked with your child’s name, the amount and reason.

We would also, appreciate, that wherever possible, the correct money is sent in, as we do not always have the facility to give change.

Any money sent into school must be put in your child’s bag to be picked up by the class team.  This is so it can be recorded in an income book, before being sent to the office.  Could you also, please place any ‘return’ slips for events etc. in your child’s bag.

Money should not be handed directly to the office.

Price List

Just to remind you, prices for the Summer Term (After Easter Holidays):

Milk £10.50 per term  
Dinners £2.20 per day £11.00 per week
Juice £3.00 per term  
Swimming £1.80 per week  


Thank you for your continued support, and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Glynis Burn

Senior Admin Manager