Pupil Premium

The Dales School receives specific Pupil Premium funding from the Department for Education to support both children on Free School Meals, those who are classed as ‘Looked After’ children and adopted children.

These funds are used to target support to the above groups by the following:-

  • Providing a teacher (3 days per week) to provide support and ‘booster’ work on reading and mathematics.
  • Allow staff to work with individuals and / or small groups to further their learning.
  • Provide resources and training to support and further learning. An example of this is the purchase of a reading / communication improvement programme to be used specifically with these children: ‘Talk Boost’.
  • Intervention Team
  • THRIVE (for more information click here)
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Sensory Programme
  • Horse Riding
In addition, staff have been trained in the use of this programme and in methods of effective intervention.

To date, the school year 2018/19, The Dales School has received £72,600.00 in Pupil Premium.

In the school year 2017/18, The Dales School received £86,340.00 in Pupil Premium.

You can see further details including the impact of the Pupil Premium by downloading the document below.