Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is a form of physiotherapy which uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs.

The therapy involves using the moving bed of the trampoline to promote movement in the participant.

The Dales School offers pupils weekly individualised Rebound Therapy sessions with a qualified coach. Our Rebound Therapy staff are: Linda Howe, Laura Ashburner, James Groundwater.

Rebound Therapy teaches logical progressions of movement patterns designed to encourage pupils to continually develop whilst at the same time experiencing healthy exercise and enjoyment.

Each weekly session will target the following skills:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Curriculum

Bouncing on a trampoline may sound more like fun than therapy. However, the experience is so liberating that pupils do not realise how hard they are actually working.