Update from Dr. Sue

5th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


Update – 5.6.20


I hope you and your family remain safe and well. This is an update to let you know where we’re up to at The Dales as we move forward and start to include more children in school.


This week parents who expressed a preference to send your child to school will have received a letter explaining the offer of a place in school for your child. We have done our best to respond to the needs of everyone; however, we had limited places to offer as we still can’t use Blythdale because there is no heating, hot water or gas in the main school building, and we have limited staffing available. We do understand that as time goes by more parents may want their child to return to school. Currently, we have no available capacity to take more pupils. What we will do next is create a waiting list and try to offer more children the opportunity to return to school as soon as we possibly can.


Staff will continue to support the home learning for all pupils when they are not attending school. For some pupils there may be a change of teacher this half term overseeing their home learning. This is because we have created new class ‘bubbles’ that may include children from a few different classes and the teacher of each new class will provide home learning for their new class. Teachers not working in school will, therefore, take over the home learning of some children who were not originally in their class. If this is the case for your child, you’ll receive a telephone call next week.


If you have any concerns about transport, I would advise you to speak directly to the transport department at County Hall. We have staggered the start and finish times of school from Monday to accommodate increased taxis traffic at Ashdale. This may mean your child is collected slightly earlier or later than before – Transport services at County Hall will be able to advise you on plans for your child (Tel. 01670 624 839).


Remember that we are here to support if we can. Glynis and Tracy, and teachers, will continue to keep in touch regularly by phone and of course you can call us if you need to. You can also use Facebook to keep in touch.


Thank you so much for your support at this very, very challenging time.


With my very best wishes,