On Monday we designed and then made our own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired roller coasters. We even had our own virtual roller coaster ride!

On Tuesday we experimented with our own ‘Fizzy lifting drinks’ we made our drinks using sparkling water, edible glitter and lots of different fruit juices. The prune juice did not go down well!

On Wednesday we created our own edible chocolate factories, we thought very carefully about what each element of our factories represented… they also tasted delicious!

On Thursday we worked with class 4 and 5 to learn all about the journey of the cocoa bean and how the chocolate we buy from the shop gets to the shelves. It was very interesting and we enjoyed working with new friends.

On Friday we made our own ‘Big Breakfast’, we practiced our life skills and made beans on toast, scrambled egg and delicious breakfast pancakes. We placed our orders, prepared the surfaces hygienically and made our own breakfast.

What a busy week!

Have a lovely weekend 3A.