At The Dales School we aim to:

  • Create a happy, welcoming, stimulating and secure environment which will provide the children with the opportunity and motivation to develop their full potential, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.
  • Encourage, and give the opportunity for, children to develop their independence and positive attitudes to learning.
  • Provide an atmosphere where all pupils feel valued and treat all others with respect.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their behaviour.

It is our intention that the children will leave The Dales School at the end of Year 6 well equipped to continue the development of these skills into the next phase of their education.

Our school caters for children who have identified Special Educational Needs. We are funded to provide for 185 children who are aged 4 -11 with needs described as ‘complex’, including: Autistic Spectrum Conditions; Speech and Language Difficulties, Emotional and Social and Mental Health Difficulties; Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other learning needs.

The majority of our pupils live in south east Northumberland, although there are other children in school who live further afield.

The final decision of which Northumberland School will best meet a child’s needs is made by Northumberland County Council Special Needs Department, not by The Dales School.