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At The Dales School, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to access learning and achieve their full intended potential. Many of our children have social, emotional and mental health issues which can display as unwanted or challenging behaviour.

We have a highly trained team of staff who use bespoke interventions and consistent approach plans,  employing Thrive and other therapeutic approaches to assess children and formulate strategies and plans to improve behaviour. These strategies are ingrained across the whole school as The Dales Approach.

We also use Zones of Regulation to instil in children an understanding of their own and others emotions, how to tell when they are in a dysregulated state and strategies they can use to help regulate and calm themselves. We use the zones across school in a variety of ways and with both children and staff.

Swearing and physical violence is not tolerated at The Dales School and in extreme cases we may need to use physical intervention to keep children and staff safe. Staff are fully trained to use these interventions and only employ them in warranted circumstances.

We always endeavour to create and maintain strong relationships with children, families and staff as we believe in a truly holistic approach to a child’s development. We believe a whole school ethos and culture, promoting positive relationships, is essential to sustain an effective environment for learning.