Learning is broken down into small steps and scaffolded by staff who know each child’s targets extremely well and are able to support and scaffold as required. Each pupil may learn in a linear way at times and in some subject areas, but we also encourage learning to be applied in a range of contexts in order to ensure depth of knowledge and skill before moving on.

iASEND is used to underpin every child’s learning journey. Through precise understanding of each child’s attainment, next steps can be planned that precisely support progress and achievement.

Staff plan lessons that target life skills, basic skills and subject specific learning through theme related learning opportunities and activities that allow children to practice, develop and learn in a range of subject areas simultaneously. We believe that this approach supports each child to maximise progress and to engage more successfully in their learning.

Please click Woven curriculum – Final to view our four year ‘woven’ curriculum.

Every statement in iASEND (which includes all aspects of the National Curriculum) has at least one opportunity to be covered following our approach (as appropriate to the attainment of each child).

Please click Life skills – Anne Example to view an example of our Life Skills and Individual Basic Skills targets – Anne Example for an example of Basic Skills individual planning. An example of our target setting can be found here Life Skills and EHCP targets Anne Example

Please click Session Plan Science S and E example to view an example of a session plan.