Our Admissions Policy

Northumberland County Council, the Local Authority, is the Admissions Authority for all Special Schools in Northumberland, which includes The Dales School.

A child must have an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) before a place may be applied for. This process is managed by Northumberland County Council’s Commissioning Panel and it is this panel who decide whether The Dales School may, or may not, be an appropriate placement based upon the details they receive from parents and professionals. If the Commissioning Panel agree that The Dales School is an appropriate placement, it is only at this point that the school is consulted, and may be able to offer a place.

We warmly welcome contact from parents who would like to look around our school to discuss the educational opportunities we are able to provide and to openly discuss with you whether you consider us to be an appropriate school placement or not.

If you would like to visit or learn more about The Dales School, please contact us on 01670 352556.

The Dales School is not an admission authority – you can contact the Local Authority SEND Department on 01670 623555.