This week class 3A have conducted lots of interesting investigations.

First we made our own bubble solutions and experimented with how many bubbles we could make inside a bubble.

Next we tested which type of water would make our gummy bears grow the biggest, we tested warm water, salt water and sugar water. We left our bears for 12 hours to grow and then we found out that the bears that were in warm water had grown the most. We also found a gummy bear escape scene in class, there was a trail of red gummy bears and jelly slime which led us to a gummy bear web. We had to use the tweezers to rescue the bears from the tangled web.

Then we carried out a cookie excavation! we used magnifying glasses to look closely at the cookies and think about what was inside them. We wrote our own cookie recipes then followed our recipes to bake our own chocolate chip cookies. They were very very tasty!

Next week we will begin our Christmas themed activities.