This week class 6B have been finding out all about the Hindu celebration of Diwali which took place last weekend. The children have learned about the story behind it all – the story of Rama and Sita, and created their own pop-up story scenes showing the moment the demon king kidnaps princess Sita! They have found out about Diva lamps, and how it is a symbol during the festival, of light triumphing over darkness, and printed their own Rangoli patterns from recycled materials, learning how they are thought to bring luck during Diwali.

The children have also tried some traditional foods that are often eaten at Diwali, cooking their own vegetable curry and making their own coconut-square sweets. In outdoor learning the children have made their own pens and inks from natural material, and have used Google maps to find out where India is in the world and locate some famous landmarks of the country such as the Taj Mahal.