This week 6B have been focusing on gardens and minibeasts as we finished reading the story Errol’s Garden. In English the children have practiced writing questions they would ask Errol about his garden, and have planned out how they would like our patch of the school garden to be planted, labelling up their plans and then writing a checklist of what to do once we get some seeds. The children have tallied up numbers of minibeasts including snails and bees and used this information to create block diagrams. They’ve even answered questions about their data using their diagrams.

The children have weighed out ingredients to make flapjack to have as a snack during the week, and in art they have created their own insect collages using materials they’ve found in the garden. They have observed what happened to the cress we grew in different conditions, some without water and some without light, and talked about what happened to the cress and why.

Now that they’ve found out so much about plants and the school garden, the children can look forward to planting out their own patch of it next week!