This week class 6B have been getting ready for Easter and working on our space in the garden. The children have talked with each other about what they are planning to do in the Easter holidays and have written about it in their English books. The children have also practiced giving compliments to each other and done lots of turn-taking practice, showing they are good listeners and waiting for their turn to speak. In Maths they have been working on 2D shapes, identifying the features of different shapes like how many corners they have or how many sides, and using clues to work out which shape they need to make a model of.

In science the children have been out in the garden, thinking about what plants need to grow, and planting out our own vegetable patch to grow all sorts like carrots, lettuces and peas. They then chose pictures and created a document on the laptops to print and put in their science books, explaining what they did in the garden. The children have baked sponge cakes for making cake-lollies as a treat to eat on Friday afternoon, to celebrate all the hard work they’ve done this term, and have made some lovely pop-up Easter cards.

All that’s left to do is have a relaxing Easter holiday and come back refreshed in two weeks time. Hope you all have a lovely break!