This week the children of class 6B have been learning about the continent of Australasia, and thinking about the Great Barrier Reef, have learned all about coral reef habitats.

They have done some research to create powerpoint presentations showing where Australasia is in the world and some of the different animals and creatures you would be likely to find living there. The children have talked about the animals’ needs, and used food webs to determine whether each creature is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. They have begun to learn about using food chains, and have created their own coral reef-based chain, practicing writing sentences at the appropriate level.

6B have also been thinking about capacity and volume this week. They have measured out amounts of water to plan out how much would be needed for each animal’s different home, comparing and ordering the amounts. Some of the children have even begun to write down their measures using the sign for millilitres. To end the week the children have continued practicing their measuring skills by making delicious tropical island juice cocktails as a Friday reward for their hard work!

In addition to all this, the children have used mixed media to create wonderful coral reef scenes. They have used glue and torn paper to make 3D corals, painting these with vibrant colours like a real life coral reef, and have created coral reef animals using coloured card. Drawing out the shapes and cutting them out, then adding detail to them with pencil and pen to bring their scenes to life. 6B have also done their one-to-one reading daily, carried on with individualised phonics activities and practiced turn-taking and managing relationships in their social skills activities.