This week B6 have been carrying out activities to learn about mental health and well-being. Alongside their usual phonics activities – practising reading, spelling and handwriting – the children have taken part in a number of tasks based around the zones of regulation. The children have learned about how to recognise different emotions from faces in the green, red, blue and yellow zone and have made themselves a ‘My Zones Book’ to help them remember. The children have also thought about what they can do to keep healthy, and about what makes them happy – using laptops, paint and photographs to create a mixed media ‘happiness board’ about themselves. B6 have spent time in the garden this week, digging out an area of ground ready for some new seating to be installed and spotting different types of birds, and have been on the trampoline again in their rebound sessions.

The children have ended the week by taking part in a carousel to try out and rate how effective a number of different self regulation strategies are, ranging from listening to music and painting, to bouncing on the yoga ball and carrying heavy objects. Each individual has rated each of these and identified a number of different strategies for helping themselves to calm and feel happier. There’re a few pictures up on evidence for learning from the key learning activities of the week, so if you get a chance log on and have a look!