The Erasmus team at the Dales school welcomed our partners from Italy, France, Belgium and Spain last week.

The Team spent their first day looking around both sites and exploring our new train in our yard. In the afternoon the partners went on visits around the local area. They visited Alnwick and went to the castle and learnt to fly on their Harry Potter broomsticks. This was a huge success and the partners couldn’t believe they learned to fly, as they thought this to be impossible. On another visit, they went to Beamish, and again they were blown away with the museum and all it had to offer. After all the fun it was time for business and the partners linked up with different classes around the school to see what we offer. They were so taken aback by all the work we do for our children that they stated it was a life changing way of looking at education. The project is a Maths based topic but The Dales School take a different look at maths and try to incorporate it into all aspects of the curriculum.


Erasmus Outcome