We’ve had some lovely sunny weather to end the year here at Blythdale and this week the children have been preparing to say goodbye for the summer and celebrating all of their hard work over the year.

The children have started the week with phonics, working on their reading and spelling, and have continued to do their daily handwriting practice and one-to-one reading with staff. The children have read the story Leaf in class, about a polar bear that gets lost and ends up in a forest, to finish off our habitats topic. Using this as inspiration, they have revisited their computing skills to make up their own lost animal stories using an online storyboard creator.

Thinking about European foods, the children have been in the cookery room again this week, independently mixing up batter and cooking this to make sweet crepes, which they ate with fresh fruit and berries that they prepared. The children have also been on a visit to nearby Chase Farm park. They have been learning about using their left and right to tell direction, and have practiced their independence and road safety skills, taking it in turns to lead the group safely to and from the park.

As a reward to celebrate the children’s hard work this year 6B have also had a movie morning, a sports activity morning and have had some social time at the end of the week to play games together and talk with their friends.

All that is left to say is well done to all of 6B, you have worked so hard and grown up so much this year! Daniel, Catherine and Pauline wish you all the best for next year and hope you have a great summer!