This week the children of 6B have moved on to focus their learning on the North American continent, thinking about southern habitats in the form of beaches, and the more northerly habitats of Canada and the arctic tundra.

The children have been in the cookery room making their own homemade burgers and fries in the style of the United states of America, practicing all of the safety skills they have learned to safely use peelers, knives, ovens and hobs. Further thinking about personal safety, the children have considered the risks they might have faced on our beach visit later in the week, and discussed ways in which they could reduce the chance of any harm by these risks. On Wednesday morning 6B went out to visit the beach, carrying out a beach-comb to find interesting objects and talking about some of the creatures that might live on beaches, before going on to create a nature inspired piece of artwork using all of their found materials. On their return to the classroom, the children looked through the photographs of the day and shared their favourite memories, before creating a memory board using the laptops and their favourite pictures of the day.

Moving further north in North America, the children created mobile food chains by linking together paper plate animals to show off their knowledge of Arctic habitats and the creatures that live there. In outdoor learning, the children have discovered what it’s like to be a fireman, trying on the uniform, carrying out a search and rescue operation in the garden and even seeing what it’s like to run through a burning building with the help of the smoke machine.
As well as this the children have done their usual speaking and listening activities, describing pictures for their friends to draw by using 2D shape vocabulary, phonics activities, reading and playing games to practice their social skills.