This week in Sycamore class, we have continued our space topic. Last week we looked at ‘The Dinosaur that pooped a planet’, which really captured our imagination! We looked at the different planets, had a go at inventing our own planet, and even investigated how rockets launch, which was lots of fun! We also took inspiration from Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ to create our own night sky.

This week, we finished off our space topic with the story ‘The Way Back Home’. We looked at gravity and how parachutes work, by making our own parachutes to protect an egg. Unfortunately some of the eggs didn’t last the journey! We still had a smashing time though!

We ended the week with some spooky Halloween activities! We read and watched ‘Room on a broom’, invented our own brooms and took part in some spooky sensory activities.

Sycamore class have worked so hard this half term and deserve a well earned break. Enjoy!