Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed a very sunny week off from school. Our new topic this term is habitats. This week we introduced this topic by exploring the habitats of humans, looking at different types of homes. We talked about our own homes and even designed dream homes.

In maths, we began exploring 3D shapes and used them to build houses. We also used 3D houses to make a map for us to navigate around. In literacy we became estate agents and designed houses to sell, describing them to the buyer. We also talked about what we could see in photos of different houses, discussing similarities and differences. In science we conducted many experiments to find the best materials to build a home, revising strong, hard, soft and waterproof to pick items to build houses with.

We painted giant houses using dotting techniques with different shaped sponges and painted a map of our journey to school. We also explored how houses have changed over time, looking at old mud houses compared to our modern houses.

Next week we will be exploring hot and cold habitats. See you then!