This week we have looked at rainforests as part of our habitats topic. We loved looking at the different types of animals and plants that live there. We even watched an orangutan documentary and drew pictures of them. We also learned about sloths and wrote our own sloth stories, describing them and writing about what they like to do.

Our favourite activity this week was a food taste test. Our jungle explorer friend sent us a package with different exotic fruits. We tried lots of new things that we had not even heard of and completed a taste test observation sheet, drawing what we liked and didn’t like.

We did lots of crafts this week too, including foot and hand painting as well as making our own rainforest shoe box. In maths we looked at estimation and number ordering, which we were all amazing at.

We talked about the importance of the rainforests and explored deforestation. Class 2 discussed why we need to look after the forests and what we can do to help. Well done.

Next week we will round up our habitats topic by explored ocean habitats. Have a happy, healthy weekend.