This week we continued exploring community helpers, focusing on the work of police officers. We discussed how we keep ourselves safe as well as the role of the police who also keep us safe. We played lots of police themed games and read lots of different books to learn about the different things police do for us.

We used police tools, like magnifying glasses and radios to hunt for the alphabet and also used stolen coins to investigate doubling and halving. Using colourful semantics, we made wanted posters and newspaper articles for stories about the missing coins. In science, we continues to look at forces and magnets, pushing and pulling the police car to see how far we could make it go and exploring which materials were and were not magnetic. In computing, we used robots (Kubo and Sphero Mini) to follow directional language, moving the robots from the police station to the crime, debugging and fixing problems along the way.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Woody. He came in to say ‘hi’ to us and let us stroke and cuddle him. We also gave him a few too many treats (lucky Woody).

Next week we will continue our topic and look at medical professionals. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!