This week class 4A has produced some magical work! As part of our famous people topic this half term, we studied Harry Potter. To start off the week, we were sorted into our Hogwarts houses. We wrote letters home and produced some spellbinding treats including cauldron cupcakes and Butterbeer fudge. We took a trip to Diagon Alley and created a fact file for our magical pets. The children used their imagination to create some unique animals! We took part in a potions class which involved adding acid and alkaline products to boiled cabbage water. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the water changed colour! We took flight in our quidditch lesson and made our own brooms and rules for the game. To finish off our magical week we had a banquet in the style of Hogwarts and tried to recreate the Great Hall. The children have worked so hard this week and should be so proud of themselves. I’m looking forward to another lovely week!