Welcome back, Class 2!

This half term we are looking at ‘Famous People’ in our community who we look up to because they help us. We focused this week on firefighters and the important job they do. We practiced what we should do in a fire, practicing a ‘stop, drop and roll’ procedures, crawling and discussed what number we should call for a fire. We even practiced a fire drill and made fire extinguishers to put out ‘fires’.

We did many science experiments too. We made ice melt in different ways to investigate which would be the quickest. We moved fire engines with magnets and we used a ramp to investigate the quickest way to get Fireman Frank from the station to the fire. In numeracy we focused on shapes. We made shape fire engines with paper and then we made biscuit fire engines with shapes we baked. We also sorted and transported shapes using the toy fire engines. In literacy, we read and made our own scripts, recording our friends’ sentences with the iPad.

This Friday, we will be sent home with a Firefighter training certificate and some optional home activities, including a fireman song. Next we will explore Police Officers.