This week in Class 4A we have been learning all about the BFG. We have had a whoopsy whiffling (great) week, and have produced some fantastic work! We got off to a delumptious start by baking our own Snozzcumber Swiss roll. It looked revolting – it was meant to – but tasted delicious! We sold one as part of our enterprise, and it was a hit with the adults at Ashdale!

We discussed the BFG’s large ears and how they would help him hear. We went on a sound walk and identified different sounds, and discussed how sound travels to the ear. We also discussed the BFG’s vocabulary and the nonsense words he uses. We created our own nonsense words for different objects in the classroom, which was a lot of fun!

To end the week we discussed our dreams and mixed some dreams together. We created our own dream jars and dream catchers to get rid of the trogglehumpers (nightmares)!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week in class and you should all be very proud of your hard work! We only have one more week left! Next week we will be learning all about Matilda.