This week we have looked at the work teachers do. We have been amazing teaching assistants this week, completing daily tasks such as taking the register and dinner order etc. We also loved playing teachers in our ‘school’ roleplay area.

In maths, we continued practicing our counting, adding and taking away. In Science, we explored rocks. We categorised rocks by size, shape and colour. We also tried to break rock, which was really hard. In literacy, we looked at letters, reading and writing some of our own.

We talked about good friends and what that means to us. We also touched on bullying and what is means to be kind. We began our new buddy system where we are in charge of looking out for friends.

Most importantly, we worked on our class rules. We talked about why we need rules and that staff should follow them. We used our ideas to make a ‘golden rules’ wall. Our new rules are:

  • kind hands
  • kind feet
  • kind words
  • good sitting
  • good looking
  • good listening
  • no shouting
  • no swearing
  • sharing toys
  • keep a tidy classroom

So far we have managed to follow these rules very well! Well done.

Next week we will conclude our topic by discussing what we want to be when we grow up. Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday.