We’ve had a lovely start to the new year with our topic Jurassic Park!

After reading the story Tiny T Rex and The Impossible Hug (a story about a T-Rex who wants to cheer up his friend by giving him a cuddle but has to practice), the children talked about things that they would like to achieve and how they could do so. These ranged from improving their handwriting to becoming an astronaut, but all of them agreed they would have to work hard and practice! We also talked about who they would like to send a hug to and why. The children drew around each other, measured their hugs, wrote a letter and have recently posted them – keep an eye on your letter boxes!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We had a delicious stir fry which the children made, played some Chinese music and worked as a team and as leaders to choreograph our own dragon dance!

Next week, we’ll be making our own dinosaur designs and their habitats come to life. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!