We’ve had a fabulous week in Orange Class this week! We’ve followed our dinosaur designs and have created some beautiful habitats! The children have worked extremely hard and persevered with tricky materials to make their designs come to life and are all very proud of what they have achieved. Their habitats are individual to their dinosaurs and they have carefully considered what they will need to survive as an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore and what type of climate would suit their dinosaur best.

We’ve had Heather in class again to teach us music and we are getting better and better at keeping to the beat when playing different songs on the chime bars!

Friday was a very special day with a visit from Animal Antics in the morning, then Woody and Buzz in the afternoon! We’ve also made bird feeders with Rio and hung them in the playground, we’ll be keeping an eye out next week to see if we get any feathered visitors!