Continuing with our theme of present day people and characters we admire, 6B have started thinking about Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics. Thinking about what it takes to develop a new superhero, over the course of the week the children have designed and made superhero costumes for their own superhero. The children started with the masks, looking at various masks through history such as ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s masks, WW2 gas masks and even the modern medical mask, creating a timeline of the different designs. Taking inspiration from this, they used paper mache and thick card to build up a 3D mask of their own and painted these as part of their costume.

Reading up to the part in ‘Traction Man is Here’ where Traction Man receives a woolly romper suit, 6B have considered what materials would be suitable for a superhero costume in science, testing the waterproofing abilities of a range of different materials. They have also considered how superheroes like batman have changed in the way they look from the 1960s to nowadays and discussed this with their peers. Finally they have been learning to use measurements in maths, measuring themselves up for a superhero suit before designing and making their own superhero costumes.

Alongside this the children have been practicing their handwriting and sentence structure, phonics, speaking & listening and have been practicing their independence skills cooking up healthy pizzas in the cookery room.