This week we looked at medical professionals, focusing on doctors, nurses and paramedics. We looked at parts of the body and even made up a skeleton from bones we found around the classroom. We talked about how to keep happy and healthy, doing breathing exercises to relax and sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. We looked at x-rays and made art with cotton buds making up our hand bones.

In maths we looked at shapes, sorting circles, triangles, and squares, as well as identifying shapes in the real world, like clocks and books. In literacy we made poems about hospitals. We looked at pictures of hospitals and described what they could see. For science we played giant operation, using magnets to remove items from the body and using tweezers to remove items that did not move with magnets.

We loved playing doctors, wrapping each other in bandages in the role play area and using boogie boards as wheelchairs to direct our patients to different rooms.

Happy bank holiday weekend! We will see you on Tuesday where we will be looking at dentists.