This week 6B have continued thinking about modern people we admire, and have started reading about the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore with a view to making their own newspaper over the next couple of weeks. The children have learned about his childhood growing up in Keighley, and thought about how his life as a child 90 years ago compared to their own nowadays. They have found key information from the text about Sir Tom, and used this to begin typing up a newspaper article about his life. The children will continue to research Sir Tom’s life next week, and will create various pieces to put together for their own newspaper.

In art this week 6B have looked at recycling newspaper and using it to create a picture of a natural scene that Sir Tom Moore might have seen as a child exploring the North York Moors, and in cookery they have used fresh British fruit to make a traditional fruit crumble pudding, showing excellent safety skills while using sharp knives and the oven. As well as this, the children have continued with phonics and handwriting as usual, and have spent time thinking about what makes good teamwork and practicing these skills in teambuilding activities.